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Hi there!

Thanks for dropping by; much appreciated! My name is Alexander Fox. Head over here to get a brief summary of who I am.

I have launched this blog to share the things that make my tail wag. In other words, the experiences that keep me invigorated amidst the world's "[...] sham, drudgery and broken dreams [...]." Maybe you will feel inspired to give the things I will write about a try, too.

And I'm pretty sure I will have the opportunity to dissect stuff that will make you want to bite your tail off. Every so often, we all run into something that makes great promises but fails to deliver on them. That is also part of life's apprenticeship.

You can expect posts on books, beer, whisk(e)y, trekking, dogs, poetry, cooking, video games, philosophy, in short - about a multitude of things out there that, I sincerely hope, "[...] can make our lives sublime." Or at least a wee bit more sustainable, enjoyable, and bearable (please feel free to pick your own adjective).

This will also be an exercise for me, specifically in brevity. Monday through Friday, I'm an editor writing transport & logistics stuff. My articles tend to be darn long (though they are still shorter than, e.g., the reports the content of which they distil), so here I will do my best to avoid 'death by word count.'*

The idea is to get you interested, not smack you with an encyclopedia. That said, if you feel like having a smack at something after reading one of the posts, then more power to your elbow!

Right, that was the single step beginning a thousand-miles journey!

*The Art of Manliness (AoM) produced an excellent podcast episode on that topic, titled The Power of Brevity in a Noisy World. I mean, Brett & Kate McKay from AoM are pure gold! By all means, please check 'em out!

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