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Well met!

My name is Alexander Fox.

Who am I?

An indie writer who's just published his first book: the Norse dark fantasy novel The End / Beginning of Everything.

Like you a reader (who wrote what he'd like to read himself).

An editor with ten years of experience under the belt in polishing others' English in the transport & logistics field.

A dog lover (caretaker of one lady of strong character who's been saved from an animal shelter and who absolutely adores long walks in the woodland).

A fitness enthusiast now (a fluffy doughnut in the past).

A gamer ("PC!" said the witcher giving him the evil eye. Well, at least that's how Henry Cavill answered #likeaboss).

A beer and whisk(e)y taster (self-proclaimed, that is).

A master's in philosophy.

An ethical vegan.

Very many thanks for stopping by! Grab a book and make yourself comfortable!

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